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Utensili manuali

# 1-SC# 1-BSC0-1/160-3/320-1 / 8Sc0-3/160-1/40-5/16000-WCIKIT AZPKIT CSSGA-4



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Raccordi a sfera ea cupola

Kit maniche e ditale


Swaging Machine portatile 1 / 16-3 / 16 In
Articolo: AA4KHN
Modello: M1
€7,929.00 /pezzo
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Kit per macchina per spazzare portatile 1 / 16-3 / 16
Articolo: AA6AQA
Modello: M1-K
€19,830.01 /pezzo
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Swaging Machine montata su banco 1 / 16-3 / 8
Articolo: AA6AQB
Modello: M2
€12,270.01 /pezzo
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Kit per macchina da swaging montato su banco
Articolo: AA6ARCO
Modello: M2-K
€40,719.00 /pezzo
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Kit alimentatore alimentato 1 / 16-3 / 8
Articolo: AA6ARD
Modello: M2-PK
€50,938.50 /pezzo
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Raccordi a forcella con tirante metallico

Fine forcella
Articolo (5)
  • Forcella
  • Forcella


Articolo (19)

Raccordi a occhiello con cavo metallico

Raccordi per prigionieri Swage a fune metallica

A proposito di Loos

Loos & Co. catalogue includes steel cables, sleeve and thimble kits, fittings, swaging tools and wire rope swage fittings. These products are widely used in flight controls, fitness equipment, elevators and more. The brand's swage studs are used to terminate a wire rope or cable. They feature 304 stainless steel construction with a threaded stud on one end and a swage fitting on the other. The swage fitting is crimped onto the wire rope or cable to secure it in place, while the threaded stud attaches the cable or wire rope to a structure. Loos & Co. marine eye fittings are used in marine applications, such as rigging, mooring and towing. They have 316 stainless steel construction and a loop or eye on one end that is swaged or crimped onto the wire rope. The eye provides a convenient attachment point for shackles, hooks and hardware that can be used to connect the wire rope to other components.